ReDox |'rë•dôks|  -A complimentary process which involves electron transfer between reactants.
  • Reduction is the gain of electrons or a decrease in oxidation state by a molecule, atom, or ion.
  • Oxidation is the loss of electrons or an increase in oxidation state by a molecule, atom, or ion.
  • Redox Signaling

    Redox signaling envolves free radicals including reactive oxygen species (ROS), and other electronically-activated species, that act as messengers in biological systems. Redox Signaling molecules are so important to human life that the body manufactures its own supply within the cells. Even though the process of Redox Signaling has been known for years the importance of it for human life Redox Signaling Molecules is Keyhas been coming to be understood only recently- Redox Signaling is now the hottest topic in the health industry.
    This site will help us understand a bit about these critical signaling molecules... from the non-scientist perspective.

    Reactive Oxide Species and Antioxidants

    One key set of redox signaling molecules are Reactive Oxide Species, or ROS. Let's set perspective as to what most people associate, or think of, during discussion of ROS. What we have heard over the past 30, or so, years are mostly concerns that can foretold by the definition of ROS- reactive molecules that contain an unstable form of oxygen. Reactive meaning that these reactive molecules will attack organic material and break it down. antioxidant for reactive oxide species Thus the concept of free radicals and anti-oxidants and the relation to the aging process.
    What we've heard is that Free Radicals=Cell Damage=Bad.
    The net result has been the proliferation of antioxidants! Pills, juices, Acai berry juice, Pomegranate juice, and so on and so on... A huge market has been built around this with specialty products such as Noni, Monavie, Xango, and some antioxidant juices sold in Costco and supermarkets.
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    Alternative ROS Supplements

    What is interesting about this is that there are alternative health remedies where people actually do the opposite of what antioxidants are all about... they ingest ROS, in particular dilute food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or antimicrobial agent (chlorine dioxide)- which is essentially bleach and many claim health benefit. This concept will initially take most people aback with thoughts of quackery with potential for danger. In fact, chlorine dioxide is a poison in relatively small quantities of 10-15 grams.
    Although these people take very dilute concentrations of the food grade hydrogen peroxide (web search for One Minute Cure), and MMS/chlorine dioxide, this concept just doesn't set well with most people. And anyone considering doing this one minute cure, MMS, or similar, should really consider what they are doing- ingesting ROS.

    Is there any basis for these wellness claims? Is it just a disinfectant? They talk about the concept of oxygenating the body as a causal effect and how disease doesn't live in an oxygenated environment but anyone with a science background would discount this theory... the actual elevation of blood oxygen via ingesting dilute H2O2 would be negligible. And higher concentrations of peroxide is literally poison.

    Alkalized, Ionized Water

    Another area that claims similar benefit is alkalized water, or ionized water which purports to have an antioxidant effect via free electrons/ions and to alkalize the body. These waters are likely not dangerous like the ROS supplements potentially are, but from an engineering perspective it is a stretch to think that alkaline water will actually have any impact at all on body PH, especially considering the normal acidity of the stomach (PH2-3) and you know what happens when our meal leaves the stomach into the intestines? Our body neutralizes it, alkalizes it in the duodenum. As far as these free electrons/ions remaining "free" when ingested into the stomach... again a stretch.
    And guess what? Pure water just can not be alkalized, or ionized! If you break down water you get Hydrogen and Oxygen. What can be ionized (have electrons removed- free electrons) are impurities added to the water such as sodium, calcium, magnesium.
    In any case, this site is about redox signaling molecules- items that have received huge real science attention recently.
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    Redox Signaling Science

    This is where the science of redox signaling come front and center. Redox deals with BOTH Reduction AND Oxidation. Science has been realizing, just in the past 5-10 years, that the two together are actually produced naturally within the body and are actually vital to human health. The science of redox signaling is amazing to say the least.Balanced Redox Signaling Molecules is Key The concept of balance between the reductants and oxidants is a key factor!
    Perhaps the best introduction to redox signaling is the book "The Science of Healing Revealed, New Insights into Redox Signaling" by Gary Samuelson, PHD who writes:

    "...the applications for redox signaling messengers... promises significant advances for health care in the future... so broad and far-reaching, that it is hard to ignore.".

    Anyone interested in learning more about the intriguing, and critical, field of balanced Redox can go to this redox signaling molecule resource or head directly to the main page showing a breakthrough balanced redox signaling product.
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